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About Us – The Ugly Shield Removal Team


Meet Wayne Michalski, owner and founder of Ugly Shield Removal, LLC. Wayne has been working in the recreational vehicle (RV) services field for 20 years. In that capacity, Wayne has worked on just about every facet of these motor homes.

Ugly Shield Removal was born from a need that Wayne observed while seeing many RVs with the problem that seemed pervasive in the industry. The RV manufacturers regularly install a protective film on the fronts of the vehicles, in an effort to protect the vehicle from the barrage of bugs and other debris that pelt the front of the vehicle while driving. As an owner, you probably drive your RV long distances continuously. If you drive a lot at night, the problem only worsens.

Over time, these shields become dull and just plain ugly. After much trial and error and many products, Ugly Shield Removal, LLC. has developed a process that brings your pride and joy back to its beautiful luster that you first fell in love with when you purchased your RV.

Ugly shield removal is thriving and making many RV owners very happy, which can be seen by our wonderful Customer Testimonials.

We are continuously developing and adding new products and services to accommodate RV owner needs. Such as with our Ugly Juice Adhesive Remover that was developed with the do-it-yourselfer’s and people unable to make the trip to Florida.

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