At Ugly Shield Removal, we provide the highest quality RV Shield removal services with our no paint loss process in Florida.  We have been delivering superior quality RV Shield removal service to our customers for over 20 years. We are well-equipped with the best products available and specialized equipment to handle the removal of RV Shield or Paint protection film with no loss of paint.

Diamond Shield Removal

Diamond Shield is a trademarked, after market clear film that protects your RV’s finish. It is affixed to the front end of your RV. This is This is a Diamond Shield that is Cracked, Dull, and Discolored sometimes referred to as a bra. There are other comparable products on the market.

There is a film made by 3M and other generic films on the market. Regardless of what product it is, all have a finite life expectancy. Over time the Diamond Shield becomes dull, discolored, and cracked. The appearance is very dispiriting.

Recreational Vehicle 9 Before Film Removal Service photos

Cracked – Dull – Discolored RV Shield

Recreational Vehicle 9 (result) After Film Removal Service photos

– After Our Service –

Our Film Removal Process

The adhesive used to affix the Diamond Shield to the paint is very strong and difficult to remove. It is best to have an experienced professional remove it. At Ugly Shield Removal, we have developed a process and products that remove the film and adhesive with no paint loss. We have spent years perfecting our process in developing solvents to safely remove all films on the market.

Our products remove the most stubborn adhesives, without damaging your motor coaches paint. Our facility is also set up to remove your Diamond Shield in a clean, climate controlled environment. Weather you have a Diamond Shield, 3M Film, or any other generic protective film, we can remove it and leave a durable finish.

For The DIY Enthusiast

With our vast experience in the cleaning industry, we have collaborated with chemists to developed our own adhesive removal products “Ugly Juice” and “Ugly Boost” that we now use to remove your Diamond Shield (3M or Other). It is also open for sale to the public. You can pick it up at our facility or at a tradeshow. We can also back up what we say! Feel free to look at our testimonials on our website or Google here.