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Ugly Juice is a Ready to use adhesive remover for removing Diamond Shield, 3M and other film adhesive. With Ugly Juice you can have the ability to remove adhesives fast! The solution removes adhesives quickly without damaging your surface. When you’re faced with removing adhesive Ugly Juice breaks down and removes adhesives fast. Spray it on, wait a few minutes and easily wipe away residue. Our products remove the most stubborn adhesives, without damaging your motor coach’s paint.

How Can It Help

  • Helps remove paint protection film (PPF)
  • Makes removing old decals and graphics a breeze
  • Removes left over residue that others can not


You can now get Ugly Juice closer to your home or business. In order to serve our customers best we are now starting to take on qualified distributors. Some distributors may be closer to you, so you could pick up your order of juice from their location. We do what we can to save you money, and this is another way that we thought we could help you by saving on shipping.

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