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WATER DAMAGE! Is this what it looks like under the roof and in the walls of your recreational vehicle?

Water damage under the roof of a Recreational VehicleOne of the most feared and costly forms of destruction to man-made structures is water damage. Trapped water and moisture can get under your roofs outer skin slowly destroying wood, metal, insulation and electrical systems. Left unchecked, organic and some man-made material will completely disintegrate. It’s imperative that your RVs roof remains sealed air tight to avoid excessive damage.



Ugly Shield’s solution is “RV ROOF REPLACEMENT”. We use a high grade, ultra-white gloss, flexible silicone manufactured for commercial roofs and recreational vehicles. The result is a seamless, impact resistant membrane that covers the entire roof of your RV. Our RV ROOF REPLACEMENT is a long lasting, affordable solution that will eliminate the need for Taping and Caulking to seal leaks. These are just temporary fixes that don’t last and look terrible. Tape dries out and peals and Caulk dries and cracks.

We apply two coats to you roof as recommended by the manufacture. The ultra-white glossy finish reflects UV light (Sun Light), which causes oxidation that leaves streaks down the sides of your RV when mixed with rain water. The list below outlines the benefits of our RV Roof Replacement process.

RV ROOF REPLACEMENT is a two-day process. You can either choose to drop off your RV or enjoyed the comforts of our pet friendly facility where you will be hooked up to electricity and water at no charge. You can even dump your tanks.

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This is before RV Roof Replacement
This is before RV Roof Replacement
This is after RV Roof Replacement
This is after RV Roof Replacement


  • Withstands Ponding Water
  • Prevents Internal Water Damage
  • Silicone Remains Completely Flexable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Seals Roof Accessories (Air Conditioner, Dish, Antenna, Sun Roof, etc…)
  • Protects Against Severe Weather
  • Ultra White Gloss Finish Protects against Ultraviolet Light (Sun Light)
  • More Flexible than other Rigid Materials
  • Seamless Membrane (Won’t Leak, Separate at a Seams or Crack)
  • Manufactured with the Highest Grade Commercial Silicone
  • Long-Term Protection
  • Eliminates the need for Calking or Taping
  • Prevent Heat and Air Conditioning Losses
  • Remove surface grime
  • Zero Maintenance
Water damage under the roof of a Recreational Vehicle

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