RV Protective Film Shield Removal Service

At Ugly Shield Removal, we offer the best, most trustworthy and most reliable RV Shield removal services in Florida. At Ugly Shield Removal, we believe our name speaks for itself.


Ugly Juice is a Ready to use adhesive remover
for removing Diamond Shield, 3M and other film

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Ugly Juice Adhesive Remover

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At Ugly Shield Removal, we remove old, worn out RV Protective Shields on Recreational Vehicles and Motor Homes with “No Paint Loss”. Recreational Vehicle (RV) Shields protect your RV’s paint from Oxidation, Road Grime, Bird droppings, Acid Rain, Bugs, and Tree Sap. When this protective film becomes old or worn out, you need an expert in the industry to remove it for you. This is where you need our “Ugly Shield Removal” Process. Some of the more common brands of film are “Diamond Shield” and “3M”. What ever brand of Film/Shield you have, we can remove it. Once removed, we detail and polish the underlying finish to look like new. Read some of our “Customer Testimonials” to see what people have to say about our process.


We offer the finest exterior RV detailing services in Florida. Protect your investment and keep your RV looking great. If you like to keep your RV in excellent condition and care about beauty and longevity, RV detailing is for you. RV detailing keeps the RV in excellent condition and protects against the elements. Protect your investment and keep your RV beautiful.


At Ugly Shield Removal, you are guaranteed 100% customers’ satisfaction and we always surpass customers’ expectations. At Ugly Shield Removal, the quality and reliability of our products and services are second to none in Florida. We use a very safe and environmentally friendly system in the removal process of your ugly looking RV Shields or Protective Shields. At Ugly Shield Removal, we have developed a No Paint Loss Process to avoid damage to your paint during the removal process and this is what separates us from the competition. We are a role model to others in this industry because of the removal process we developed.


At Ugly Shield Removal, we are highly qualified and certified experts and we utilize top quality products available in the market and specialized equipment to handle the removal of RV Shield or Paint protection film.

We are available to offer you the personalized service you require which is not easy to find around. We are committed to work in a timely and professional manner to complete all of your service needs. We are trustworthy professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced to perform services you need. This means you can expect the highest quality workmanship and a commitment to getting the work done correctly that is second to none. We are also available at many of the RV Trade Shows to properly remove old and worn out RV Shield or Paint Protective Film. Allowing us to remove your old and worn out RV Shield or Paint Protective Film, you are guaranteed to get a zero paint loss on your recreational vehicle and it will continue to shine brightly. At Ugly Shield Removal, we are proud to offer to our customers high quality RV Shield or Paint Shield removal services at affordable price. So entrust your RVs to us because we will offer you the best quality services you deserve. Save your money and time! Call Ugly Shield Removal today if you have any questions about our services.

Wayne knows what he is doing!  Highly recommended.  We have sent several of our friends to see Wayne too.  Everyone has been very impressed with his work.

Dave Cramer

The workmanship and quality of the work exceeded all of my expectations! Great people to work with! They arrived on time and couldn’t have been more professional!

Robert Louck

From ashamed to proud owner! We had a coach done by Ugly Shield Removal and we were very very pleased at how well they did the job and all the extras that they went over and above regular RV service standards!

P and S Savage

We were well pleased with the results! The front of our motorhome looks as if it has just been painted. Wayne and his father are very thorough and very professional. We are happy to recommend them to others.

Cliff and Sue Ellen Sisson

Anyone wanting to get this done there is only one company to contact and that is Ugly Shield Removal!

Larry and Bev Wyman

After their excellent job of removing our Ugly Shield, Wayne personally presented his finished work to us. How many times have you picked up your vehicle from a shop and have the owner show their work off with pride?  It is refreshing to see that Wayne is excited about his work and company.

Larry Wichman

Wow, such hard working people. Family run business. Their attention to detail is incredible and as busy as they were, they constantly asked if we needed anything. This is old-fashioned service that is rare to find.

Dennis & Susan Ferrara

Brooksville, FL

5 stars just aren’t enough for Ugly Shield!!! Over-the-top service, professionalism, facility, and RESULTS! Thank you, Wayne and Ken, for the great job and privilege to know and recommend you and your business to all!

Bob and Nancy Sheffey

Delray Beach, FL