Please read some of our Customer Testimonials and see for yourself how great our Shield Removal Process really is…

What an incredibly helpful person. Wayne asked for pictures of the decals and called back saying it was easily doable and advised to do it myself — checked which vehicle, year, color, described the type of paint job it had to me, what to do, the process, and products needed if any fine tuning was left to do. I fully planned to bring the vehicle to a professional and instead he didn’t try to sell me on anything other than making the case for me to safely remove. I’m headed to the driveway lol. Thank you!!!!
J Reid, New York, NY.

We learned about Ugly Shield mask removal by searching the internet for some way of removing the hideous mask on the front of our 2003 Holiday Rambler Imperial. I used everything I could think of to do it myself but with no luck. Our bus looked great with the exception of that mask on the front. I arranged to take it over 1100 miles to Wayne at Ugly Shield to have it removed. On the trip down to Fort Meyers we had more trouble in two days than in all of our years of motor homing but I would do it all over in a heartbeat. The crew at Ugly Shield worked tirelessly to get our bus back to the glory days. The front of our bus looked as bad as the worst one that they have posted on their website. Hats off to Ugly Shield and the crew! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
Jim & Peggy Thacker, Arnold, Missouri.

We bought our 2010 Newmar Mountainaire five years ago……it had only 1,800 miles on it. It had been sitting in a storage shed for 5 years and had never been used. After we’d had it for about 3 years, it started looking real nasty on the front, and with some googling, I found Ugly Shield Removal’s tutorials to be very informative in letting me know what my problem was and how to fix it.

Figuring I’d perform the removal myself, I got me some sand paper and plastic chisels and ordered a gallon of the Ugly Juice. This was all about 8 months ago. Then, I came to my senses, and realizing what a task it may be, I called USR about bringing my coach in for them to do it, and they said they’d give me credit for the juice. Well, the Coronavirus hit, and being isolated and having nothing else to do with my time, I decided to go ahead and tackle it myself.

Not trying to cut USR out of any business……it went slicker than the glue after an application of Ugly Juice! It may have taken me 5 days, but I was able to accomplish it with no paint loss!! I did notice something kind of odd during the process….I think I had a strip of 3-M mixed in with the Diamond Shield. Most of the plastic peeled off as in the video, but this section was flaky with flakes about the size of a penny. I mean, I now have plastic flakes all over the driveway.

Anyhow, the Ugly Juice performed exactly as advertised on both type sections, and I was able to do the whole thing with less than a gallon. My coach now looks like the day it was born! If you’re really intending to do the job yourself, I don’t think it can be done without the Ugly Juice.

Gustave Buras, Carencro, LA.

I have a Tiffin (Phaeton) RV. I’ve been looking into a way to remove the Diamond Shield cover on my RV. Well the Guys at Ugly Shield Removal had a video on YouTube on how they can remove it without damaging the paint. So, I reached out to them. They gave me a few Campgrounds to call and schedule them to do the work or sell me the material to do it myself. We made the trip to Seminole Campground Fort Myers, FL from Charleston, WV. We could not have been any more pleased. They did a great job. The campground that they sent us to was phenomenal. In addition to the great removal job, they also helped us save some money on a part that had malfunctioned on our way to Fort Myers. They went above and beyond to help us and did an amazing job. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone! Thank you guys!

Howard & Jeannie Thomas, South Charleston, WV.

Great job! Well worth the trip to eliminate my worry about the terrible look of my motor-home’s front-end. My wheels look the best ever. Good people! Harry Springer, China Spring, Tx.

My folks’ 2013 Itasca Suncruiser 35B had been setting on their property in N. FL for the past couple of years. The coach was looking pretty worse for the lack of wear. Anybody who owns a camper, boat, etc. knows the worst thing for them is to sit not being used. One of the things the coach was in desperate need of was to have the clear bra removed from the front cap. I found Wayne and USR on YouTube. I reached out about a month and a half ago. I explained to Wayne that the coach was getting new tires and a complete number to number inspection and having everything in non-working order fixed. I asked if we could make arrangements for the clear bra to be removed. Since we live on opposite sides of the state Wayne recommended we bring the coach over, camp at one of the local RV parks and he would come and take care of the coach. We settled on Seminole RV park. Great park, friendly people, and beautiful clean facilities (especially the pool). We arrived yesterday and got hooked up and settled in. Wayne, his father Ken, and another gentleman arrived early this morning. The spent the entire day stripping the film off the cap. They then cleaned and waxed the cap. I had them wash and wax the entire coach and also do a headlight treatment on the hazy lenses. The coach looks better than new. I could not be more pleased with the professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for us as customers. It is so refreshing to have a company do what they say will do (and more), when they say they will do it, and do it better than any other detailer I’ve ever worked with. WELL worth the trip over. We will be back in a year for another full detail. Thank you again, Wayne!!!
Benjamin Symons III, Port St. Lucie, Florida.

We brought our 2004 Holiday Rambler Imperial to Wayne few days before Christmas 2018 for removal of the ugly 3M shield – Wayne (& his son) spent all day on it! We’re extremely happy with the result, the front looks 10 times better now. After watch them work I’m glad I decided not to do it myself – I would have spent a week to get done what they did in a day (And I’m a professional Aircraft Mechanic). Go to the Professional for this job. Edwin Clark, New Boston, TX.

This will be my first testimonial ever. I’ve been in need of having my ugly 3M shield removed off of my Western RV Alpine for several years and even though I live in Florida I just couldn’t seem to find the time. It really bugged me and detracted from the appearance for years. A couple of weeks ago I finally had the perfect opportunity to have it done. I had an event to attend in the area and contacted them. They have an arrangement with a nice RV park, Seminole Campground, located just off I-75 in North Ft. Myers. I was able to stay in my motor home in the park, and attend the event while they completed the work. If you just want to leave it for the work, there is a reduced fee from the park.

The results were amazing. They not only removed the shield but washed the coach with deionized water leaving no spots; they cleaned the mirrors and wheels. When they were done it looked the best it has since new. They were three of the most professional and pleasant people I’ve met in years. If you need that damned ugly paint shield removed you really need to contact these guys and have it done. Don’t put it off like I did. Charles Leonard, Palmetto, Florida.

After reading many testimonials on 3M front film removal, both do-it-yourself and companies who remove the films, I selected Wayne at Ugly Shield in Ft Myers FL to remove mine. It was a 850 mi trip for me, but today I have a beautiful front end which looks like it’s been freshly painted. Wayne and his crew are dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable and friendly! This business is a class act. They offer the materials to do the job yourself or they’ll do the removal. If you are looking for DYI or someone to do the job, give Wayne a call. David White, Madison, MS.

I have a Monaco Dynasty that had the 3M shield that looked like varicose veins all over the front of an otherwise beautiful coach. I contacted Wayne based on a recommendation from my friend Fred at American RV technology, Wayne helped arrange all the work by phone, kept me apprised of progress, worked closely with Fred on delivery and pick up of the bus, and delivered remarkable results! I highly recommend Wayne and his family to anyone in need of his service.  Ray Bement, Medway, Maine.

A recent trip to Fort Myers, FL to have our 2007 Monaco Knight 3M UGLY COVER removed we were ecstatic with the results. Wayne and his family crew were professional and meticulous which resulted a NEW coach appearance. In addition hand waxing and buffing made the coach look brand new. Highly recommended, money well spent. Frank & Sharon Raymond, Hudson, Florida.

Recently had Wayne and family remove the Diamond Shield on the front of our 2016 Fleetwood Pace Arrow. Although not that old, the mold under the bug shield was impressive. We also had them give us a good wash and wax since we traveled down to FT Meyers to have this done. When complete we were very happy to not be looking at all that mold anymore and the coach was shiny!

We realized two unexpected results as well; the coach has a pearl essence to the paint we had never noticed and washing the bugs off at the next stop was MUCH easier! We’re thinking about making an annual pilgrimage to Ft Meyers to have the outside of our coach spiffed up!

If you’re on the fence about having their services done I say just do it. Well worth the trip and the money!
Kerri Holm, Ormond Beach, FL.

When I asked Wayne to look at the front of my 2006 Monaco, I asked if it was the “ugliest” shield he had ever seen? He said, “no, the second ugliest!” Wayne, Ken and Ian spent a day at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort where my coach was transformed into a “like new” coach! The other guests here …who had been looking at my shield for a couple seasons, wondering when I was going to get it off, became an audience to watch the miracle happen! They removed the shield, washed my coach, detailed the wheels and inspected my roof. The positive comments keep coming! I am so thrilled with the results and the wonderful, caring service from the team! Thank you all so very much!! Carol Black, Port Charlotte, FL.

We have had our 2007 Beaver for eight years and as on other older coaches, the 3M protective film had become so molded, discolored, broken up, and just plain ugly that we were embarrassed. My research in RV magazines and on the internet led me to Ugly Shield Removal. After watching the demonstration videos, reading the testimonials and some blogs on other sites by people who did the work themselves, I called Wayne at Ugly Shield Removal, who competently and courteously answered all of my questions and was convinced that we wanted him to do the work. So, we made an appointment and drove over 1200 miles to Fort Myers where Wayne and his staff performed in one day a miracle makeover of the front of our beloved older coach. As guaranteed, the process did not harm any of the underlying paint. The front of our coach looks like it is brand new! To top it off, the crew polished our mirrors and wheels and washed with wax the entire coach. This detail work was awesome.
We are extremely satisfied and highly recommend Ugly Shield Removal.
Bob & Lynda Plummer, Tool, Texas.

We came to Florida to purchase a 2006 Monaco Diplomat coach we have seen on RVT.com. The interior was immaculate, but the front cap had this awful looking brownish 3M mask that actually made us to reconsider making this purchase. We thought it would be necessary to have a new very expensive paint job. While doing our research on the Internet, we discovered the Ugly Shield Removal Company site. After reading the many favorable reviews, we decided to give Wayne a call and make an appointment to see if he thought there was any hope in restoring this coach to its original luster.
We gave him the go ahead on this job and we are so happy we did! When their work was finished the coach looked absolutely beautiful! After that ugly 3M mask had been removed, the original beautiful factory paint job had once more been revealed! Not to mention this work was a lot less expensive than a new paint job would have cost.
Wayne and his staff provided us with VERY professional service, did everything they promised and more! We were so impressed with their work we even decided to have them re-coat our roof as well!
We would highly recommend his company to anyone who wants to have their coach shine as new!
Danny & Carolyn Warner – Lynchburg, Virginia.

Our beautiful 2005 Monaco coach had been stored under roof and protected from the Florida sun but when that was no longer possible, it only took a year for the Diamond Shield to turn really UGLY. We were embarrassed by the dirty and moldy shield on the front of our otherwise beautiful RV. Then we found salvation – Wayne and his family business, Ugly Shield Removal in Ft Myers Florida.

We had researched and contacted a number of competitors and found that Wayne excelled in every important area:
* Hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials about his service.
* Immediate personal answer of phone calls or a call back within 30 minutes if he was busy.
* Extensive time spent explaining answers to all of our many questions.
* Online videos showing the exact process used to remove the ugly shield and also a video tour of his facility.
* An affordable and fair price.
Guarantee of no damage to underlying paint.
* Fast – 1 day completion of ugly shield removal.
* So Convenient! We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon, plugged into 50 amp power on the site of the facility and stayed in our RV that night. The service was performed and completed the next day; we stayed overnight again and then set off for home on Friday morning.

We are so pleased with the results – our expectations were exceeded as we are once again proud of the appearance of our coach.

We must mention a few other impressive things. The customer waiting area was very comfortable and the entire facility was clean and spotless, including the restrooms and service bays. It’s pet friendly and our Maltese enjoyed all of the attention. Wayne noticed that the headlamps of our RV were “clouded over” so he surprised us by buffing them back to a clear and safe night driving condition.

We totally recommend Wayne and Ugly Shield Removal to restore your RV to an appearance that will draw admiration from your friends and your neighboring campers.
Rob and Carol Bell, Bradenton, Florida.

The front end of our 2013 Winnebago Journey began to look bad because of the deteriorating protective film shield and mold growing underneath it. We received quotes to remove the film shield that ranged from $4000-$5000 in our local area. Luckily, we found Ugly Shield Removal on YouTube. We called Wayne for an appointment and drove the 600 miles to Fort Myers, Florida. Wayne and his staff went out of their way to accommodate our every wish. They washed our Journey when we arrived and set us up for the night. After removing the ugly shield and polishing the front end, it looks like new. We highly recommend Wayne and his staff to all RV owners. They did everything as promised and more. It was the best experience we ever had with a service company.

Leo and Marion Ginn, Gulf Breeze, Florida

Our company bought a refurbished MRI and the roof hatch seal was not strong enough for Florida’s torrential rains. Other companies couldn’t seal the roof unless the weather was dry for 24 hours, which is rare in Florida summer months.  However, Ugly Shield’s technician sealed the roof by working around the rain. After he sealed the roof, we almost immediately got to test it. We had 3 inches of rain in about 2 hours and NO LEAKS!

We are happy to recommend Ugly Shield Removal for great work sealing metal roofs. Robert Glessner, Bonita Springs, FL.

I have never wrote a review for anything on line, my first. But the experience we had with Wayne and his family was OUTSTANDING. They did a great job on our my 2007 Newmar Dutch Star. The way this family runs there business, is what old fashion American work ethics is all about !! My advice to anyone thinking about having there UGLY shield removed, CALL WAYNE!! FIVE STARS THANK YOU! Gilbert & Jacqueline Rodriguez, Lake Worth, Fl.

We had a excellent experience at Ugly Shield. Because of our travel constraints, Wayne worked us into their schedule. All the comforts of a nice campground were available to us at the shop. Wayne and his son worked late into the evening, on a Saturday, to get us on the road to meet our commitment. The results were amazing, the front of our coach looks “new” again. In addition, Wayne’s dad detailed the balance of the coach so we left very satisfied, with a coach to be proud of. Trip and Debbi, Newland, NC

We are so happy to share our wonderful experience at Ugly Shield Removal. Wayne has a beautiful facility and he pays attention to each and every detail of running that facility. We spent the night before our work was to begin for no extra charge.

Wayne is the real deal. He and his son Kevin performed a miracle on our 2008 Fleetwood Expedition and we are so proud of how it turned out…..It looks brand new!!

Thank you so much for the product and service you provide at such a reasonable price.

In addition, Wayne gave me a small amount of Ugly Juice to try on my truck to remove aging striping which to that point had not responded to any products. Guess what??? Ugly Juice got it off with just a little effort!! Vicki Overman, Lawtey, FL

I saw Wayne’s videos on you tube and contacted him about my BlueBird mask. After a conversation I felt completely comfortable in driving 800 miles for him to remove the mask on my Coach. I could not be happier with the results. Wayne is a man of his word and his professionalism and talent was great. I highly recommend his business and any of his services. In today’s RV market it is wonderful to find someone who says what he will do, then does what he says.

Dave McBride, Spartanburg, South Carolina

WOW!! We have a 2007 Freightliner Super C Motor-home. It was a Beautiful Coach, but had Ugly Mold on Front. OH MY… Wayne and his Son were Magicians!! My Coach is So Beautiful… I was so Impressed. They even Washed and Waxed. Wayne made my husband and I very comfortable while the Coach was being cleaned. We just stayed right at his Shop (electric if needed).

Awesome Awesome Place…

Jim Alcorn, PROVIDENCE FORGE, Virginia

We drove to Fort Myers from Prairieville, La. to have our ugly diamond Shield film removed. We were treated like royalty by Wayne and his family. We were able to stay onsite with hookups at no extra charge. To say we are pleased with the results is an understatement. Our coach looks brand new. I am beyond pleased with the outcome and the treatment received was 5 star. Wayne is so accommodating and even though he was extremely busy he made us feel as though we were his first consideration. I highly recommend this business. Outstanding service.

Diane Berthelot, Prairieville, LA

F a n t a s t I c. !!! This is a very very good product!

We never thought we would get the results on our 2011 Newmar Canyon Star. What happened on the front end of our Motor Home was basically something we could not control. The motor home looked so many years older and unkept. Many have had this problem and ended up trading or selling their unit. This was a choice we did not have, so we researched on line and came across Ugly Juice. It takes some time and muscle, but after the grime and bug guard was removed with UGLY JUICE it looked like a brand new vehicle. We are skeptical people at heart, so entered this endeavor with not the best of hopes. The outcome was absolutely beyond what we could have imagined. I tell you people…this is THE GO TO PRODUCT! Ed Harris, Knoxville TN.

We had an awesome experience here! Wayne worked on our coach all day and his attention to detail was incredible. He removed our cracked/brown shield, carefully preserving the underlying paint and our coach came out looking like new….literally. I was astonished at the improvement. Thank you Ugly Shield!! Nina Fussing, GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Florida.

John is so happy that he listened to his wife and went with Wayne and his family to have the the Diamond shield removed from the front of our motor home. They do all they say they will do and then some. They did an excellent job that we are so proud of. Thanks Wayne for the great job and hospitality you showed us while you did your most professional work. John and Judy Gosselin, Napanee, Ont., Canada.

Purchased Ugly Juice from Wayne at the Tampa Super show in January and finally worked up the courage to try it on my 05 Dutch Star which had the Diamond Shield uglies. Following Wayne’s instructions as per his video and talking to him at the show, the process is as described and the product works as advertised. It is tedious but rewarding when you strip off the shield and remove the glue base. My Dutch Star looks like new again. Thanks, Wayne. Patrick Roush, Fort Myers, FL.

We bought our 08 Georgetown new and it had diamond shield applied to the front. Within three years it started to deteriorate in color. Within five years it was as bad as the before pictures on this website.  While in Fort Myers this year, we attended an RV show and that is how we met ugly shield removal. Wayne was at the show handing out his information. We decided to give it a chance and Wayne and company exceeded all our expectations!  I had been researching for several years and was most worried about paint removal and, of course, total cost. This is truly the best job I’ve seen, at a fair price. We are totally satisfied. Bill Price. New Bern, NC. Wayne knows what he is doing!  Highly recommended.  We have sent several of our friends to see Wayne too.  Everyone has been very impressed with his work.  Dave Cramer. Davenport, Florida. The workmanship and quality of the work exceeded all of my expectations! Great people to work with! They arrived on time and couldn’t have been more professional! My Monaco looks like new again! I would recommend Ugly Shield Removal to anyone! Robert Louck. Fort Myers Beach, Florida. We have a 2013 Itasca Sunova. The protective shield on the front started to develop mold and became very ugly. I talked with the manufacturer in Iowa. It was under warranty and they wanted me to bring the coach to them.  Then I met Wayne at the Tampa RV Show.  He knew the person I was talking with and the "long and short of it was" I got the approval to have the work done in Fort Myers. Wayne removed our horrible looking shield today. He even came to our campsite. No paint came off!  No scratches!  After a coat of a good wax, the front of our coach is absolutely beautiful.  We could not be happier!  We definitely would recommend Ugly Shield Removal to anyone. Richard and Dianne Barbour. Leesburg, Florida. My 2005 Dutchstar looks brand new again. Wayne and his Dad are experts at this type shield removal. My paint and clearcoat looks like it was just painted. Anyone wanting to get this done there is only one company to contact and that is Ugly Shield Removal in Fort Myers Fl. Larry and Bev Wyman, Bonita Springs, Florida. We bought our 2006 Safari Cheetah in 2014 – and it truly looked like a brand new coach…ALL EXCEPT THE FRONT CAP!!  We realized the “clear” shield and resultant glue needed to be removed, but didn’t know how we’d get that done, without needing it repainted.  When full-timing friends in So. California heard us talking about it, they remembered seeing a review that had recently appeared in the FMCA Magazine, and gave us Wayne’s name and number.  Ugly Shield Removal lives up to its name and its promises – our coach’s front cap now looks like new, thanks to Wayne, his Dad, and his son!  Hard workers, and rightfully proud of what they do! Greg and Rosemary Pyke , Livingston, Texas. After their excellent job of removing our ugly shield Wayne personally presented his finished work to us.  How many times have you picked up your vehicle from a shop and have the owner show their work off with pride?  It is refreshing to see that Wayne is excited about his work and company.   Larry Wichman, Denver, CO. From ashamed to proud owner! We had a coach done by ugly shield and we were very very pleased at how well they did the job and all the extras that they went over and above regular RV service standards which made us feel comfortable , and gave us some recommendations for their lounge and meals. We brought the Coach in the morning at eight in the morning and we were out of there by 630 6:45 that night because these fellows went over and above the removal of the shield. They polished the paint back to the mirror finish and cleaned our windshield and the mirrors and make sure that the whole front of the coach was looking almost like new. We also found out that the young lad washed our whole coach by hand, did the rims the tires as well.  I will heartily recommend this service to everyone we meet and also the fact that it is all family business that they treat you like family, a total win/win for anyone.  P and S Savage, Palmetto, FL. Our 2006 Navigator developed quite a bit of mold under the Diamond Shield that has protected the front of the coach for several years. It was a dilemma as to what had to be done to remove the ugly mold that had accumulated over the last year. We heard about Wayne the owner and developer of this product that removes the mold. We observed what he had done on a neighbor’s coach at the Motorcoach Resort we keep our coach. It was amazing to see the process he used to remove the ugly mold. Needless to say we hired him to do our coach and we can’t say enough about the removal that made our coach look new again. The owner and developer of this product is pleasant and so easy to work with. His dad assisted him and together they made two people ” Happy Campers” again. We highly recommend him and his company ! Thank you Wayne and dad for the excellent service! Cathy and Jerry Leo, Naples, FL. In the March issue of “Family Motor Coach,” we learned about Ugly Shield Removal located in Ft. Myers. Being in Ft. Myers, we contacted the owner, Wayne Michalski, and he invited us to visit his shop and observe the process of removing the RV shield used on the front of motorhomes. We were very impressed with Wayne’s work, and we immediately scheduled an appointment. We were well pleased with the results! The front of our motorhome looks as if it has just been painted. Wayne and his father are very thorough and very professional. We are happy to recommend them to others. Cliff and Sue Ellen Sisson, Huntsville, AL Our 2003 Monaco Camelot is now gorgeous and looks amazing. UNBELIEVABLE – We are so happy! We certainly hope Wayne and his Dad become very wealthy through franchising their products. Good things happen to Good People and they are really Good People. Wayne and Barry worked very hard today taking pride in every single step and it is much appreciated – UGLY SHIELD REMOVAL – People get in line this company and its products are AMAZING! Bonnie and Eddie Rush, Lawrenceville, Georgia. I can’t praise Wayne and Ugly Shield Removal enough…their workmanship is superb. We went from embarrassed to proud owners overnight! We bought our coach new with the shield applied at the factory. No one told us that the protective shield on our front end would mold and mildew in a few years creating an unsightly mess which is near impossible to remove. I even had a bra made and installed to disguise the discoloration. Then I met Wayne who convinced me he could remove the shield and make my coach look new again. And boy did he ever..I highly recommend Ugly Shield Removal to any coach owner. Thanks again Wayne for a great job. Al Donnelly, Sarasota, Florida. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly our 2007 Winnebago looks after Wayne removed that ugly shield. It was moldy, discolored and UGLY but after Wayne and his dad finished it looks like a brand NEW RV. GREAT JOB, we highly recommend Ugly Shield Removal but check out other services too. Bill and Judy Frank, Cape Coral, Florida. WE HAVE A NEW RV, thanks to all the great work that Wayne, his Dad and Son did on our unit. They removed all the ugly off the front shield, washed and waxed till it shined. Super great people, treated us great, let us stay in coach or nice waiting area, while they worked. Thank again for the great job and all the extra that you did. Will highly recommend you to everyone. Joe and Dianne Cullen, Lake Placid, FL. I own a 2015 itasca coach which had become badly oxidized by the sun and needed to be compounded. Having used Wayne in the past to wash and wax my unit. He decided that he didn’t have the expertise to solve my problem, but in his typical fashion he referred me to someone who could fix my problem. But the story doesn’t end there. The vendor was unable to complete the job at my storage area due to various concerns of the manager. Being between a rock and a hard place Wayne came to my rescue. He allowed my vendor to complete the work in his garage. That is the type of helpfulness that Wayne always displays. I would highly recommend Wayne for any type of work you choose to have him perform. His firm is professional, honest, reliable and most importantly treats you like family. Bill and Irene O’Connor, Cape Coral, FL. These guys are good. I spent an entire day removing about 1/6 of the ugly shield on the front of my Winnebago Vectra, then I found these guys from a YouTube video I saw when I was looking for a better way to get that shield off. I dropped the coach off 6:00 PM Friday Evening to them, Wayne stayed late Friday and had it done by 3 PM the next day like he said he would. Wayne and his Dad Ken are very professional, courteous and accommodating, they also answer, return and update you by phone quickly, unlike most businesses these days. Their work was better than expected because they buff, polish and generally clean the whole front of the coach after they are done, so there is no evidence of where the shield was and your coach leaves cleaner than when you brought it to them. It was well worth the 700-mile round trip drive to have them remove that ugly shield. Thanks Wayne and Ken!, Mike Ferran, Jacksonville, FL. We brought our 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus to Wayne shortly before hurricane Irma struck. Wayne, his Dad, and Son did a fantastic job removing the shield without any damage to the paint and fully detailed the coach. It looked like it just came out of the Tiffin factory yesterday. But that is not all. We had to evacuate our home on Key Biscayne for hurricane Irma. We drove over to Ft. Myers in our car to pick up our coach and head out of harm’s way. In spite of all the other things Wayne had to do, he waited for us to arrive at 9:00 pm that night, fixed us up with electrical power to stay overnight on site so we could leave first thing in the morning. He and his family not only did a great job on our coach, they went far beyond to ensure we were safe and secure. You just can’t find someone that takes care of his customers like Wayne. We are so proud of the way our coach looks. Our neighbors in the campground we are now at thought our coach was brand new not the 10-year-old coach it is. We recommend Ugly Shield Removal without hesitation. Cliff and Sally Brody, Key Biscayne, Florida. Wayne and his company set the standard for business performance! Rarely have I found any business, small or large, that delivers on their promise so completely. Wayne has found the perfect balance of skill-driven performance and customer service. A visit to his shop will leave you wanting to spend a few extra days just because! If you need your film removed, there is simply no better choice. Make the trip to Fort Meyers to spend a day or so with Ugly Shield Removal! You WILL NOT be disappointed! Randy and Tina King, Wimauma, Florida. We met Wayne at the Tampa RV show last January and we made the trip to Ft Myers in September. Wayne and his Dad were most accommodating and they did an excellent job of removing our ugly shield. While there, we also had the coach washed and waxed. We came home with a coach that looks like it just left the showroom floor. We highly recommend Wayne and his Dad and feel that they went above and beyond to take care of our coach. Pete & Sue Leto, Sun City Center, Florida. Wow, such hard working people. Family run business. Their attention to detail is incredible and as busy as they were, they constantly asked if we needed anything. This is old-fashioned service that is rare to find. The shop is clean, well organized and the waiting room is worth the trip. Dennis & Susan Ferrara, Brooksville, FL. I procrastinated on getting the Diamond Shield replaced on my coach, for two years. Finally found Ugly Shield Removal, and had it done. They did a great job, with no paint loss. They took great care of us while we were there, hooked up to power and parked in the bay all the time. They went out of their way to make us comfortable. When it came time to apply the new film, they washed my entire coach, then let the Diamond Shield tech. work in their shop. We can’t say enough about how pleased we are with Wayne, and Ugly Shield Removal. He is proud of his work, and it shows. Carl Clifford, Orange City, FL. I have been looking for a way to get the ugly plastic coating removed from the front of my RV – prices went from $1000 and up! When I saw the UGLY Shield Removal ad I called to check it out. When I found out the cost is only in the $100s, I made an appointment. It was one of my better decisions. There was no doubt after seeing two RVs that had just been completed! You can order the UGLY Shield Removal DIY Adhesive Solvent (it really works) and try to do the job yourself, but I suggest you make an appointment to have the experts do the job – it was well worth our trip to Florida. Be sure to let them know if you will need the mobile paint unit to repair other damage. Wayne and his team did a fantastic job – outstanding customer service! Gerry Flaherty, Corpus Christi, TX We can now be proud of our 2004 Newmar Dutch Star. When we bought it everything looked great except for the Diamond Shield coating on the front. It was so ugly, but thanks to Wayne and his son, it looks like a new coach. They were so helpful. We arrived late in the afternoon. They went right to work. We plugged into his 50amp service while parked in his service bay & stayed overnight. The next morning they completed the job & had us on the road in our “new” coach by early afternoon. It was an amazing experience. We would highly recommend Ugly Shield Removal to anyone. Thanks Wayne! Greg and Bertie Bloxom, Bossier City, LA 5 stars just aren’t enough for Ugly Shield!!! Over-the-top service, professionalism, facility, and RESULTS! Thank you, Wayne and Ken, for the great job and privilege to know and recommend you and your business to all! Add another two grateful and proud to be part of the Ugly Shield “family” and fan club!! Bob and Nancy Sheffey, Delray Beach, FL. What a “Christmas Present” ! We were so elated at meeting Wayne and we are so thankful for the talent he possessed in making our 2008 Discovery new again ! If honesty, friendliness and competent professional work is what you are seeking then look no further for Wayne and his talents will please you beyond words ! Thanks doesn’t seem enough and we are so happy and proud of how the front end of our coach looks now ! No matter how far you are away Wayne is the only solution to cure that Ugly appearance that has plagued so many of us for years….give him a call as it will change your life and coach appearance forever! Rick and Chris Thompson, Crestview, FL. I heard about Ugly Shield Removal while searching the internet for a solution to this “Ugly” mess. We were fortunate to be wintering in Florida so I phone the company, spoke with Wayne and was convinced to get the full work up of wash wax and shine plus the removal of that tree I left Shield. Our rig is 14 years old and does have a few nicks and scratches to attest to its travels but it looked fantastic after they finished it. Thanks to Wayne and his crew. They deliver what they promise. You are going to love the outcome. Jim and Marlene Brown, Cornwall, Ont.

Larry and I bought a 2016 Coleman , 22 ft. trailer to take a trip across the U.S. While in Colorado, the roof leaked during a rain storm. Our son, who was a roofer, applied silicon calk across the roof where the roof meets the front panel. That held for a few weeks. While in South West Oregon on our way home, we were told that our roof was lifting up approximately 8 inches! We were in touch with Keystone, the company who made the camper and Camping World, where we purchased it as soon as we had trouble with the camper. After three months of back and forth between Camping World and Keystone, all Keystone would pay for was the diagnostic. We were referred to Wayne as the go to guy to look at our roof. We are so glad we did. Wayne did an incredible job on our camper roof. We can’t thank him enough for the excellent job that he did. He also washed and waxed our camper as a kind gesture for all of the trouble that we had to go through with the other companies. Thanks Wayne. Larry and Pam Roecker, Fort Myers, FL.

We have a 2005 Montana 5th wheel and was looking for products to reseal or renew the rubber roof before we had a problem. We Checked with a few RV repair places throughout Florida and were shocked at the prices. Fortunately for us, we went to the Fort Myers RV show and got information about Wayne and his Team at Ugly Shield Removal booth. After the show we contacted Wayne and went to chat with him and see some units that had their roofs recoated. Met with Wayne and Barry, amazed with the workmanship and very reasonable pricing, we made an appointment to have our 5th wheel roof coated a couple days later. While we were having the roof coated, we were treated like family and allowed to stay in our unit while the work was being done. We were so happy with the honesty, high quality of workmanship, professionalism and hospitality these guys provided. We can’t Thank Wayne, Barry & Kevin enough and highly recommend them. Bill & Jan Corku, Pinehurst, Nova Scotia, Canada.

We meet Wayne at the 2018 Tampa RV show. I was looking for the glue removal product to remove my shield on a 05 Monaco. After a hour of constructive conversation I was convince to come down to his shop for removal. Wayne professionally explained the whole process and then completed the process on time. Wayne, his son and Berry waste no time in a long day of work, finished work PURE PERFECTION, TOTALLY SATISFIED. We spent two nights at his safe and secure location. Talk to Wayne you will not be disappointed.

MIKE and ELANE, St. Louis, MO.

While searching the internet for a solution to our deteriorated Diamond Shield on our 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire , I came across Ugly Shields videos . Located their shop ,then found out they were at the RV Show in Tampa . Enjoyed the show , purchased a kit from Wayne and crew , returned to our campsite and spent several mornings scraping crap . I am very pleased with the results (10 hours time ) . Ready to return to Canada with a shiny rig . Thanks a bunch Wayne . Videos were very helpful. Ed Nethercott, Bayfield, Onterio.


Tremendous help with expert advice with cleaning issue. Went to the extra mile to provide information in dealing with an RV cleaning problem that I thought could not be solved saving the appearance of the vehicle. I would certainly recommend them to contact them with any difficult issue. Bob Powell, Fort Myers, FL.

We drove from Maryland to have Wayne remove the 3M shield from our 2004 Holiday Rambler and wash and wax the exterior. We can not be happier with the results. The coach looks like new again. Wayne, his son Kevin and his father were a very professional team who were a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Ugly Shield Removal to anyone. They now do roof repair as well and do fantastic work. Roger & Sheila Thompson, Havre de Grace, Maryland.

We own a 2007 Newmar Dutch Star which had a moldy “ugly shield” (Diamond Shield). I contacted the company (Diamond Shield) and they gave me a quote for removal. I decided I would do it myself and found Wayne’s excellent DIY video on Diamond Shield removal. However, after watching the video, I realized the task was more than I was willing to undertake and decided to let the professional (Wayne) do the work.

I immediately booked an appointment with Wayne and we drove 1,650 miles from New Hampshire to Ft. Myers, FL to get the ugly Diamond Shield removed. As they say, “it was worth the trip”! Wayne and his family (father and son) spent a long day removing the moldy Diamond Shield and detailing the entire coach. All I can say is “WOW!!! Our coach has never looked so good! Wayne and family are professional, hard working people who take great pride in their skilled workmanship (damage free removal) and understand what great customer service is all about!

If you have an “Ugly Shield”, then Wayne and his company, “Ugly Shield Removal” is your best option! 5 Star rating all day long! Thank you Wayne, Ken, Kevin and Ian!
Brian P. Estee, Epping, New Hampshire.

I have a 2015 Fleetwood Southwind motor home. The protective shield installed by the manufacturer started to discolor after 2 years even though the motor home was kept clean. Thank goodness I picked up the literature from Ugly Shield Removal at the 2015 Motor Home show in Tampa. I contacted Wayne in August while I was in the Fort Myers area and he invited me to stop by and see a unit he was working on at a nearby campground. My wife and I were impressed with the job he was doing and made arrangements to have the film removed from the front of my unit during Thanksgiving week. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and within an hour, his crew was washing my unit and getting it ready for Monday morning. They even washed our car. Bright and early on Monday, Wayne and his crew arrived at our campsite and began working on our coach. He explained each step and the results were amazing. When finished, they cleaned the campsite and again washed the coach and car. The front of the coach looks brand new. Wayne runs a first class operation and is truly concerned about the results and your satisfaction. We highly recommend this company without hesitation. Money well spent. Tom & Jan Turner, Clermont, FL.

We want to thank Wayne and family at Ugly Shield Removal for excellent repair of roof on our 2002 Winnebago after getting extremely high quotes from other places we thought we would have to give up our camping. Because of Wayne at Ugly Shield our roof has gone through the rainy season with no problem. Excellent job and very fair price. We highly recommend them. Dan and Donna Shoap, Fort Myers, Florida.

We read about Ugly Shield Removal from an ad in Motorhome Mag. upon research and speaking with Wayne, we decided to have Wayne restore our very “ugly” front of our M/H which had over the years, developed mold under the mask.
On our way to our vacation home campground resort in Naples Wayne arraigned to meet us at Seminole Campground in N. Fort Myers. Wayne and his son greeted us when we arrived and helped us get settled. At 11:00 A.M. he and his son started to remove “our ugly shield”. Wayne worked on the mask removal while his son diligently washed the roof, awnings, M/H, rims, dressed tires, a giant task on a 38′ M/H.
Wayne’s transformation of “ugly” to “unbelievable” was a sight to see. Wayne took many pictures and a video for Facebook and you tube. See for yourself, (we have a 2005 Winnebago Adventurer, MA tags.) uglyshieldremoval.com
My wife and I cannot praise Wayne and Co. enough for his tedious work and attention to transforming our “ugly” home to near showroom condition. There is more to this story than I can put into this long testimonial, but ask Wayne yourself, he’s easy to converse with and very knowledgeable, and he likes cat’s, we camp with 2 rescues.
Many thanks from 2 Happy Campers!! Mike & Bev Plante, Oxford, MA and Naples, FL.

1st rate operation! Wayne and his father did a fantastic job not only on removing the 3M shield but on the headlights, and chrome generator and aquahot exhaust. Nando Garbarino, Flat Rock, North Carolina.

Saw Ugly Shield Removal on YouTube. Contacted Wayne and scheduled the job to remove a really ugly bug shield from my 2014 Forest River Lexington. He did a fantastic job and did not overcharge. In fact, I was so pleased with his work I gave him more than he was charging. 5 stars for sure. Luke Moseley, Yorktown, Virginia.

Wayne and the guys really do some amazing work. We saw the before and after on another coach in our RV Park and were truly amazed at the transformation. Wayne came and talked with the hubby and he had Him remove our shield and wax our coach. Well, now our neighbors are impressed. They say it looks like a brand new and we tend to agree with them. I’m sure thy are going to be calling now, you know how neighbors are! LoL.
Thank you Wayne for everything,
Lon & Syndi Colvin, Eagle Rock, Missouri.

Our 2005 Holiday Rambler Ambassador went thru a total retrofit in 2015 at the factory and thus it looks BRAND NEW, accept of course the Ugly clear bra on the front, which they did not remove during the retrofit. Unable to find anyone locally to remove it, I conducted an online search and found instructional videos produced by Wayne at Ugly Shield. I contacted Wayne and with his encouragement decided to purchase his Ugly Juice and tackle the job myself.

Following his precise instructional videos, to a “T”, and utilizing his Ugly Juice, I successfully removed the ugly clear bra and every bit of the nasty glue underneath. The front of our RV looks AMAZING! I am so glad I found Ugly Shield online and talked to Wayne, who enthusiastically shared a ton of knowledge which helped tremendously. Thank you so much Wayne (Ugly Shield), we are so happy with the results. Your instructional videos are spot-on and the Ugly Juice was worth every penny spent! Al Smith, Fernandina Beach, Florida.

I was staying at Maderia Beach/ St.Pete Beach KOA when a neighbor RV’er knocked on my door. He told me about Wayne and Ugly Shield. I called them and we made arrangements to meet at the Pine Island/ Ft Myers KOA Superball Sunday 2019. At 8:30a.m. they came as promised and said mine was definitely one of the top 5 ugliest they had ever seen. As a joke they almost blew their horn and waved bye- bye. They (Wayne and his Dad) started working and finished after 5 p.m. having removed all the 3m material, polished the front twice, washed and polished the entire RV (2004 Panther Safari) and made it look like brand new. I have shown the before and after to at least 30 people already and no one can believe it!!!!!!!! Bill Rich, OCRACOKE, NC.

We have a 2006 Holiday Rambler. The Diamond Shield on it was so cracked and moldy that we were embarrassed for people to see it. I looked for over a year trying to find a way to remove it with no success until I saw Wayne’s web site. After talking to him, we made plans to spend the winter in Fort Myers, Florida so we could have it done. Wayne and his crew were unbelievable. They removed the shield waxed and polished the mirrors. Our coach now looks great again, thanks to Wayne and his crew. I rate him a AAAA+. Terry Golden, Valparaiso, IN.

After 7 years our beautiful motor home developed ugly mold around the edges of the Diamond Shield. Because of the outstanding paint job on the coach, Wayne was able to remove all of the Diamond Shield and make it look like a new coach.
It was a very professional job. When they were done, they also washed and waxed the entire coach. We would highly recommend his company. What a pleasure to have work done by such a knowledgeable family business. Syd & Margo Emmons, VENICE, FL.

I first spoke with Wayne on the telephone and ordered a gallon of “Ugly Juice” adhesive remover. Wayne was very knowledgeable and helpful with the process. I sent Wayne some photos of my progress and he spotted some problems with the paint. I contacted the factory and they took care of the problem. Thanks to Wayne for a great experience in resolving my protective shield problem. Bill Dyer, Dayton, TX.

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